MASKS: In accordance with NSW Govt Law, from midnight on 23/12/21 patrons are required to wear a mask in the cinema. They can be removed when seated in the auditorium to eat choc tops/ popcorn etc. Masks can be purchased for $1 at the Box Office/ Candy-Bar. 


QR CODE: QR Code is available in the Regent foyer and we encourage patrons to sign in.  


100% SESSIONS CAPACITY: Richmond Regent is fortunate to have large auditoriums which can readily accomodate larger groups. We also encourage families/household groups to maintain at least one seat gap separation in a row.

CRYING ROOM: Only ONE FAMILY/HOUSEHOLD is permitted in the Crying Room per movie session so we recommend that you call the cinema to book your movie session in the Crying Room. ph 4578 1800

SANITISER: A sanitiser station is located in the front foyer as you enter. We request that all patrons use the santiser when entering the cinema. Soap dispensers and hand dryers are provided in the bathrooms. Sanitiser is also provided in the Candybar and Box Office for staff.

CLEANING: Seating is sprayed with Glen20 (anti-viral/anti- bacterial) after each session as well as the usual cleanup of seating/floors. Touch points are cleaned with disinfectant wipes.

COVID 19 STAFF TRAINING: Richmond Regent staff have completed a COVID-19 safe training program to ensure they are able to maintain the safest operations for our patrons. All Regent staff are required to be fully vaccinated.

SOCIAL DISTANCING: We ask that patrons keep 1.5m social distance from other groups in the foyer while queuing up for tickets or candybar. So be a STAR and maintain social distancing while at the Regent so we can all enjoy the movies in a safe environment.

CINEMA 2 UPSTAIRS: If there is a busier session upstairs then staff may decide to open the fire stairs so that patrons exiting will travel direct to Windsor Street and not walk through the downstairs foyer when there may be patrons who arrive early for a session. This will be worked out on an as needs basis to maintain social distancing.