Soft Drink
Your choice of Pepsi, Pepsi Max, Lemonade, Solo or Raspberry in a small, medium or large cup.

Bottled Water

Juice Popper

Tea & Coffee


Food & Snacks

Delicious popcorn available in medium, and large sizes. 

Packet of Chips

M&Ms, Skittles, Maltesers, Pods, Fantales, Snakes Alive, Jaffas.


Ice Cream

Choose one or two scoops of our vanilla choc-tops.

Choc-top with sprinkles

Waffle Chop-top
Vanilla, Salted Caramel, Choc Mint, Boysenberry. Chocolate, Old-English Toffee

Other Ice Cream
Maxibon, Heart, Milo Scoop



Small Combo
Small drink, small popcorn, choc-top

Medium Combo
Medium Drink, Medium Popcorn, Double Choc-top

Large Combo
Large drink, large popcorn, double choc-top

Couples Combo
2x large drink, large popcorn, 2x double choc-top

Family Combo
2x large drink, 2x medium drink, 2x large popcorn, 2x double choc-top, 2x choc-top

Combo Upgrades
Add a Large Snack to any Combo
Upgrade any Choc-top to a Waffle Choc-top